10 Best Speed Bag Platforms [Buyer’s Guide]

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In the event that you are keen on doing your own boxing exercises at home, you need something beyond a decent speed bag. Most bags don’t accompany the swivel and backboard platform, the two of which are required to complete your speed bag station. Check boxing gloves: Boxing Gloves

In the event that you are a master at welding and working with devices you could manufacture your own speed bag platforms. For some, however, it is simpler to purchase the best speed bag platforms you can manage the cost of alongside a decent swivel. This article will assist you in investigating your best choices to finish your kick-ass speed bag station. Check Best Speed Bag Platforms.

Features of Speed Bag Platform:

Unbending Frame: An inflexible edge is basic to have on a decent speed bag station. A safe platform outline keeps the drum catch tight, guaranteeing you get an amazing bouncing back activity. On the off chance that there is some influence on the edge, you would get vibration and conflicting bounce back. Nothing is as irritating as having your beat demolished while working the speed bag. 

Customizability: The best speed bag platforms are flexible in tallness by 12″ to 15″. You need tallness alteration with the goal that you can utilize distinctive size-speed bags for an alternate exercise. In the event that you have more than one individual utilizing the speed bag, you need to have the option to acclimate to their punching stature. It is a simple change to alter the platform tallness, simply utilize the handles on the sides of the steel outline. 

Quality Drum: The drum is the round plate that the swivel and bag append to. You need a strong, top-notch material that makes a smart bounce back. Strong wood is the customary decision, however, produced wood and melamine are other basic materials. I would stay away from the compulsion to go modest in light of the fact that plastic drums simply don’t last and you’ll be frustrated with the bouncing back.

Here are the Top 10 Speed Bag Platforms that we recommend:

1st 1st
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Balazs Check Price Now
2nd 2nd
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Valor Fitness CA-53 Check Price Now
3rd 3rd
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Title Boxing Check Price Now
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XMARK XM-4441 Check Price Now
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Maxx MMA Check Price Now
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RingSide Check Price Now
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Ring to Cage Check Price Now
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Everlast Elite Check Price Now
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Titan Power Check Price Now
Speed Bag Platforms punching bag, speed bag platform diy, speed bag platform everlast, speed bag platforms, speed bag stand
Joe Fabo Check Price Now



speed bag platforms

This speed bag platforms is coming at you with a super-quick, stimulated and an amazingly invigorated exercise is the chance of three distinct hues right now bosses of SPBs. This artful culmination bit of exercise gear is made for the fighter that needs to raise their exactness and expectation to learn and adapt with over 12″ of movability and super swivel nimbleness. speed bag and platform. The profoundly unbending V-outline section is produced using 11-measure steel tubing and 1-1/4″ thick plant made wooden drum to place the fighter in his best structure for the ring. 

The greater part of clients appeared to be extremely satisfied with this item despite the fact that it is one of the pricier SPBs available. 

The handles lock solidly against the rails for a firm hold. The straightforward covered of 1-1/4″ thick built wooden drum is 24″ in distance across takes into consideration any size speed bag to be utilized. The help bar incorporates a practically quiet and simple to utilize swivel. Despite the fact that it is planned in light of home rec centers, it looks and proceeds just as any high caliber and completely proficient evaluation SPB you would discover in an exercise center.

Valor Fitness CA-53

speed bag platforms

The sparkly casing of the Valor Fitness CA-53 is intended to frame the most grounded and most strong industry-grade steel which is bolstered by a 2″ wood help for included security and wellbeing is one of the best speed bag platforms. This expert emotionally supportive network considers 13″ various stature changes utilizing a worm drive, which is encompassed by a structured dais ring to secure the ball, the zone encompassing the ball, and the casing. A phenomenal interesting quality about this specific SBP is that the mounting sections are fit for establishment on a concrete divider, just as on wood mounts, and the bundle incorporates mounting jolts for accommodation in any case. To help the jack of all trades within you, the bundling includes mounting directions and get together tolls for accommodation. In addition? The bundle incorporates the bag too (an element never found with excellent wellness bundles as these and as of late included by Valor). 

Up until now, the greatest grievance has been the futility of the guidelines. Luckily, the vast majority have either mounted one preceding, viewed a YouTube video or made sense of it. The swivel could have been exceptional moreover. 

Since it tends to be mounted in both concrete and wood, individuals are asserting it to be the sturdiest bit of hardware like this. 

To help the dais and permitting the vitality to be moved through the help to the bag while being used, strengthened steel tubes are picked. Every client can find a particular stature for the ideal degree of execution with a customizable worm drive. speed bag platform adjustable. With the assistance of the mounting sections, you can mount the platform onto a strong item concrete divider or studs in a divider. It likewise incorporates a 360-degree turning framework, to permit the fighter the right speed and effectiveness required in the field. While building this bit of hardware the manner of thinking of how this should function went into the structure.

Title Boxing

speed bag platforms

In the event that you are searching for a mechanical, additional rock-solid casing that will give you the expert exercise of a lifetime, that is actually what TITLE SBP offers. It is developed with a thorough 24″ measurement pecan covered wooden structure worked to take the hardest licking you can take, and it will give you constant, snappy, extremely quick bounce back. 

It accompanies steel chrome manage shafts and a consummate exactness 14″ worm drive tallness modification, making it ideal for each kind of fighter out there, fledgling, normal, proficient, children, adolescents, and grown-ups. The swivel included is of expert evaluation and will fit extraordinary in any home exercise center. Intended for all bags that are 7″ to 10″ or littler. Be that as it may, you will require extra divider mounting equipment relying upon whether you need to mount it into concrete or wood. 

Everybody raves about the solidness of this unit. An expert rec center proprietor wished it took under 30 seconds to modify the tallness change. speed bag platform diy.

A strong speed bag platforms, the worm drive making it an extremely powerful and strong method for moving the deck rapidly. They might not have incorporated extra divider mounting equipment, however, they incorporated a wrench! 

The TITLE Precision flexible boxing SBP accompanies a tough plan which really suggests it for hard and extraordinary use. This may be perfect for mechanical settings or can even epitomize an alluring decision for different home clients who need a tough and solid plan. The appearance of the gadget likewise sticks out. The covered pecan works extraordinary with any condition. Obviously, the development additionally accompanies great movability as it can offer a scope of 14 inches.


speed bag platforms

The XMark is a durable and solid speed bag platforms for home use. It is stature movable so as to suit all competitors, and can deal with extraordinary movement. Contingent upon where it is penetrated in your home, commotion can be negligible. 

Get together for this speed bag platforms can’t for the individuals who are not acclimated with home-building. speed bag and platform set. The XMark XM-4441 speed bag platforms requires substantial boring into the divider and is overwhelming to lift during the procedure. This can’t by the directions gave which were said not to be exhaustive enough as they just notice how to assemble the item, and not how to mount it on the divider. Hence, for those with little experience setting up machines all alone, proficient assistance might be essential. 

Besides, it was accounted for that the swivel didn’t move smoothly. While it is made of overwhelming Gauge steel to limit vibration and upgrade bounce back, there was blended criticism with respect to how boisterous use was. This truly relies upon where the speed bag platforms is introduced and what sort of divider it is being bored into. It is additionally essential to take note that the bag itself can’t. 

While the gathering might be fairly entrusting, the last item fills in as a truly steady apparatus and is dependable. It is made of value materials, making it steadier during utilization and is a progressively reasonable choice contrasted with comparable speed bother platforms inside its great range.

Maxx MMA

speed bag platforms

Here is a speed bag platforms that has been flawlessly intended to enable a fighter to have a smooth streaming speed bag instructional course. It is an uncompromising speed bag with a platform that can be consistently changed in accordance with an individual competitor’s tallness. The bag is produced using premium engineered cowhide and can hold speed wads of any size. The structure and quality that this item reflects make it truly charming to me – and furthermore numerous different people that have given it a shot at some point. Also, it is truly simple to introduce. 

In any case, the avoidance of divider mount equipment in the bundle seems, by all accounts, to be the main protest I have against this Maxx MMA unit. Moderately, a few people have griped about how certain parts like the nuts and the fasteners they are planned for during establishment. 

Moreover, the pack includes a U-jolt swivel, 2 prop sheets, and gathering equipment. Additionally, there is likewise a full elastic edge joined to guarantee wellbeing while the speed bag is being utilized. speed bag platform ceiling mount. The platform is 24” in width, and is good with twofold end bags and twofold end grapple. 

From the superior cowhide utilized in making the bag down to the high-grade hardened steel of the swivel, it is obvious that the MaxMMA pack is one made to keep going for quite a while to come – its toughness is never in question. Furthermore, its plan is very captivating and it comes at an entirely reasonable expense.


speed bag platforms

In making this piece, Ringside appeared to have given out something superb for doing speed bag exercises. It has a V-formed prop plan and is 9” high with a load of 72 pounds. The platform is a solitary setting type that has been worked to enable a battle to wear – boxing to be increasingly explicit – immaculate his/her punching speed. 

Regardless, the speed of the bounce back [that is feasible with the swivel] can’t quick as what can be realized with other top-class brands. Asides this, the cost of this very Ringside piece is a piece on the high side in my own view. On the positive end nonetheless; it is a solid item that should stand the trial of time. 

The Ringside platform has a 2″ thick melamine board and the unit additionally contains a super swivel. The bundle doesn’t anyway incorporate speed bag and divider mounting equipment. It very well may be connected to a solid divider utilizing 4 diverse ¼” x 3″ solid stays or to a wood stud divider with the guide of 4 bits of 1/4″ x 3″ slack screws. mounting a speed bag platform.

In spite of the fact that this may not be in the class of the Xmark customizable speed bag platforms or the Valor CA-35 model; it serves its motivation to an impressive degree – in all decency. All things considered, the cost doesn’t appear to be legitimate particularly when one considers the segments contained in the bundle. The stable melamine board anyway makes this speed bag platforms engaging somehow or another.

Ring to Cage

speed bag platforms

Searching for a perfect customizable speed bag platforms to help advance your motivation as an expert in the ring? At that point, you need not look further away from this delightful item from “Ring to Cage”. The platform has the right stuff 16″ in stature, has a 2″ inch hardwood with a distance across of 23″, and furthermore contains a swivel produced using steel pipe. 

The Ring to Cage has been made with extraordinary prisoners and this has so far made it to some degree unimaginable for pundits to select any defect from it – and neither have I got any negative remarks to pass on this one. The quality is perfect as is the cost. Moreover, the item has been getting a charge out of rave surveys with clients evidently fulfilled. 

Notwithstanding the other previously mentioned highlights, the edge is a twofold layer covered wood consequently guaranteeing soundness and placing inline any occurrence of vibration while you’re hitting the speed bag. Once more, the edge has been covered with powder to affect some level of sturdiness and furthermore make the casing scratch safe. stand up punching bag. The equipment required to mount the platform on the divider is likewise remembered for the bundle. 

The edge is made of a twofold layer covered wood so as to stay away from vibration, and its powder covering make it scratch safe and increment its toughness. Divider mounting equipment is given so as to amass quickly after accepting the item, and an expert speed bag swivel is incorporated. It is said to be moderate given its quality level comparative with other speed bag platforms inside a similar quality range.

Everlast Elite

speed bag platforms

Any individual who has any exercise understanding, boxing experience, and so on have had involvement in Everlast gear previously and think about their notoriety for greatness. everlast speed bag platform. Everlast has become well known in the market of exercise center rigging by conveying flawless quality and their SBP for home use has demonstrated another prime model. This SPB they have produces are intended for bags of all sizes because of its 24″ distance across the board. Remembered for the framework is proficient, all around made equipment and prop sheets. Nonetheless, you should give your own mounting equipment. I accept they do this, so you can conclude whether to mount in concrete or wood. Once more, the greatest grumbling is the mounting directions, yet once up, it takes individuals’ breath away. This is the perfect bag for each fighter out there whether you are an amateur to expert and everything in the middle of on the grounds that the tallness is effectively movable for any stature competitor. It is made flexible to coordinate your tallness by utilizing an open spring pin lock. I love the way that it is perfect with twofold end grapple and twofold end bags. This implies you can utilize any size bag including body bags. 

It is of the top brand and is the ideal boxing need for home or rec center! The entire thought behind SPBs is to improve the entirety of the zones of a fighter, so release your internal competitor with this best in the class, moderate, 24-inch board. With a swivel and two prop sheets for included help and steadiness just as get together equipment and full-end cushioning wellbeing, you’ll have your own exercise center prepared in less than an hour that is sufficiently sturdy to a years ago.

Titan Power

speed bag platforms

In the event that you are simply beginning, the Titan Power speed bag platforms is a moderate alternative for home use to stay aware of your practices. 

Given its generally modest value, the materials are of to some degree lower quality and some have whined that the parts are not effectively measured, making get together an annoyance. All things considered, past clients have discovered their way around this issue and had the option to effectively amass the item in the long run. No different, a few adjustments or side buys may be made so as to totally satisfy your necessities. 

In any case, when introduced, it is a decent unit to rehearse on and is effectively customizable for stature. adjustable speed bag platform. Moreover, the swivel and platform help accomplish the ideal bounce back to keep you in the mood. It is sufficiently simple to assemble for use, and keeping in mind that it is made to be mounted on a squat rack, many have discovered different methods for balancing it to all the more likely suit them. 

In general, this is a decent speed bag platforms for the individuals who are simply starting their preparation and need to rehearse in their available time. For the individuals who are increasingly settled, a greater option might be progressively suitable.

Joe Fabo

speed bag platforms

Ceaselessly cast a ballot the main door jamb; it is a strong and solid SBP. This SPB will have you awed and stunned by its effortlessness in an establishment of ten seconds, positively no screws are fundamental, definitely, no harm will happen to your door jamb, and rock-solid agents have been tried at 500 pounds. Despite the fact that it is organized for the entryway, it is of the most elevated rec center quality. It has been structured with a 24” length, 1″ thick wood board, that has been aesthetically hand-painted and recolored. 

This main bit of work out hardware has been astutely structured with composite agents, ace swivel, pneumatic machine, a steel entryway outline mount, and one of only a handful few SBPs that have a bag included. Also, it is one of the main audited SPB’s that has a LIFETIME WARRANTY. 

A few clients found the bag difficult for her to deal with, flimsy, enormous, and moderate. 

This was the odd-ball-out reaction to every other person who has attempted this piece de opposition of boxing hardware and saw it as the best unit they had ever possessed. Lauded its simple establishment, high materials, adaptability in versatility, and astounding consumer loyalty. 

The lifetime guarantee is one reason you ought to genuinely see this bit of gear. best speed bag platform. Alongside everything else it offers; an organization must be entirely sure it all that it offers to likewise offer a lifetime guarantee.

We hope that our recommendation list helps you pick the aptest Speed Bag Platforms. 


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